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  • What is Educational Planning

    What is Educational Planning?
    Philip H. Coombs, 1970
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    Planning the Location of Schools
    Planning the Location of Schools
    Jacques Hallak, 1977
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    The Prospects for educational planning
    The Prospects for Educational Planning: A workshop organized by IIEP on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary
    Françoise Caillods (Ed.), 1988
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    Planning the quality of education
    Planning the Quality of Education: The collection and use of data for informed decision-making
    Kenneth Ross & Lars Mählck, 1990
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    Innovations dans la gestion des Universites-230x355
    Innovations in University Management
    Bikas C. Sanyal, 1995
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    The quality of primary schools in differents development contexts
    The Quality of Primary Schools in Different Development Contexts
    Gabriel Carron & Ta Ngoc Châu, 1996
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    Planning for education in the context of HIVAIDS2
    Planning for Education in the Context of HIV/AIDS
    Michael J. Kelly, 2000
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    Financin secondary education in developing countries2
    Financing Secondary Education in Developing Countries: Strategies for Sustainable Growth
    Keith Lewin & Françoise Caillods, 2000
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    Education for Rural Development Towards new policy responses2
    Education for Rural Development : Towards new policy responses
    David Atchoarena & Lavinia Gasperini (Eds), 2003
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    corrupt schools, corrupt universities what can be done
    Corrupt Schools, Corrupt Universities: What can be done?
    Jacques Hallak & Muriel Poisson, 2007
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    Without Capacity There is No Development
    Without Capacity, There is No Development
    Anton De Grauwe, 2009
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    Confronting the Shadow Education System What government policies for what private tutoring
    Confronting the Shadow Education System: What government policies for what private tutoring
    Mark Bray, 2009
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    Guidebook for Planning Education in Emergency (Second edition. Set 5 books and CD ROM)
    IIEP, 2010
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    Directions in Educational Planning International experiences and perspectives
    Directions in Educational Planning: International experiences and perspectives
    Mark Bray & N.V. Varghese, 2011
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