Quality of basic education

Research Project

Improving the accessibility of research findings through
visual displays of data

The role of research in making educational policy decisions is becoming increasingly important. As a result, policy makers are confronted with large amounts of very complex information generated by educational research. Today one of the major challenges to overcome is converting complex information and statistics into a form that is more accessible to policy makers.
StatPlanet- visualization of data
Visualizations can play an important role in improving the accessibility of research data and enabling policy makers to deal with this information more effectively. This potential remains untapped.

This IIEP research project will therefore compare different data visualizations that could enable educational researchers to communicate research findings more effectively to policy makers and the public.

The results of this research will inform the further development of the StatPlanet software which is currently being used to visualize the SACMEQ data. This research project will also explore the potential of StatPlanet to broaden access and usage of educational data within Ministries of Education.

StatPlanet can be used to present research results graphically through interactive maps and graphs, facilitating access to the data and providing the user with a set of tools which can support analysis and interpretation of the data. Data can be imported automatically, enabling also non-technical users to create visualizations of their own data.

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