IIEP has established an extensive network for international co-operation

In recent years, the Institute has decentralized some of its activities and increased participation in international and regional networks. It will continue to invest efforts in bilateral partnership agreements and in strengthening networks of national training and research institutions. Successful networks imply long-term investment on the part of IIEP and sustained commitment from national governments.

IIEP internationally

IIEP has two offices and has depository libraries in most countries. Its professionals provide services world-wide in the field, and its consultant fellows are present on every continent.

Network support

The IIEP is co-operating at the international level. It has initiated and supports a number of networks such as SACMEQ (Southern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality) and ANTRIEP (Asian Network of Training and Research Institutions in Educational Planning). The Institute also provides the secretariat for the IWGE (International Working Group on Education).