Advanced Training Programme (ATP)

A practice-oriented programme for education planners & managers

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The Advanced Training Programme in Educational Planning and Management is an intensive 9 month programme leading to an IIEP certificate at the master's level. The ATP is practice-oriented and aims to strengthen the competencies and skills of education managers and other education experts from the public and non-governmental sectors. Participants are drawn in particular from government institutions, such as Ministries of Education, Finance or Planning; from international and national NGOs; as well as from research and training institutions and universities in Member States. Personnel from international cooperation agencies also enrol in the ATP to upgrade their skills and knowledge in education policy and management. The ATP is directly relevant to the professional development needs of these groups and contributes to the creation of sustainable institutional and organizational capacity at the service of education progress.

The programme focuses on relevance and applicability, as well as skills and practices that support educational development and reform in participants' home countries. Education planners, managers, and trainers from national training institutions acquire modern education planning techniques and update their knowledge of management approaches. In this way, the ATP reinforces the capacity of education leaders, and their institutions, to prepare and implement education policies more successfully in cooperation with national and international financing agencies.

Focus on international exchange of experiences and leadership skills

The ATP is a bilingual programme delivered in English and French. It provides a unique opportunity to participants to share professional experiences with colleagues who come from different continents, countries, and cultures, but who have a common interest in education development. Once the participant returns to his/her home country, the IIEP Alumni Network offers regular opportunities to maintain contact with the large international circle of former ATP trainees, and to continue the study experience through learning events organized online at regular intervals by IIEP.

The programme offers a strong comparative education dimension. In addition to drawing on the invaluable lessons learned by IIEP staff from its long international experience, the courses are designed to make the most of the rich professional experience represented by the participants. In addition to core technical skills in educational policy, analysis, planning, and management, participants acquire skills in communication, group work, and writing, as well as other general skills which are of crucial importance for today’s educational leaders.

Research and field-oriented training contents

The ATP benefits from a unique learning environment. IIEP conducts research on cutting-edge educational policy issues and tools and features a significant portfolio of operational activities at the country level. The course contents of the ATP integrate the latest findings from policy research and reflect IIEP's long-standing working experience on education policy, planning, and management with governments and international partners in countries around the world. This means that ATP course contents are constantly updated to reflect new developments, research findings, and methodological approaches.

Open to experienced education professionals from around the world

A particular recruitment profile distinguishes the ATP from traditional academic programmes. Participants are recruited from around the world among experienced education professionals holding leading positions or middle-management positions in their countries. They represent a wide range of experiences, thus allowing access to a wealth of empirical resources.

Experience and expertise of the IIEP teaching staff

The ATP benefits from a unique teaching staff profile. IIEP teaching teams include professionals actively involved in education policy research and operational activities in UNESCO Member States. Authors of numerous publications, they contribute significantly to educational reforms and the design of educational programmes in many different countries. IIEP regularly invites guest speakers of international renown to contribute to ATP courses to benefit from their experience and perspectives.
Moreover, ATP participants can further enrich their training by attending the series of Strategic Debates on current educational development and reform issues organized by and at IIEP. Featuring prominent experts, these debates contribute to a stimulating exchange of knowledge and experience among scholars, researchers, and IIEP training participants.

A bilingual programme combining a rich array of teaching/learning methods

The ATP is also unique in terms of working methods. All courses are given in English and in French, thanks to simultaneous interpretation of plenary sessions and group learning in single-language groups. Teaching/learning activities include lectures, seminars, discussions, practical exercises and individual and group work. The working methods involve the active involvement of all participants and their contributions to the teaching/learning process. This creates a rich, dynamic environment for learning and it enables knowledge sharing across cultures and linguistic groups. Field visits undertaken in the framework of the ATP allow participants to obtain practical insights into the functioning of the French education system and/or that of a neighbouring country.

A stimulating and supportive learning environment

The ATP offers participants intensive professional support in the preparation of projects. Participants benefit from individually guided technical project or applied research work conducted under the supervision of IIEP experts. They have individual access to the Institute's numerous databases and its particularly rich Documentation Centre, with over 35,000 publications and some 400 specialized periodicals devoted to educational policy, planning, management, and the broader context (economy, demographics, statistics, sociology, public administration, political science, etc.). Besides access to IIEP’s paper and online collections, participants are ensured free access to online subscription-based resources as well as to other libraries in Paris. A team of qualified information specialists helps them to take full advantage of these valuable resources.

An active alumni and professional support network

The ATP is the cornerstone of a unique professional network. The intense interaction between ATP participants over an 9 month period creates a bond and a shared identity, giving them a common understanding of their potential contributions to educational development in their respective countries. It thus confers on them lifelong membership in a global network of education professionals involved in planning and management. The IIEP Alumni Network fosters exchanges among this worldwide fraternity of professionals whose common mission is to lead the way to better education. IIEP organizes activities for alumni at regular intervals, including online discussion forums and seminars on important themes of educational development and reform

For half a century, the Advanced Training Programme has proven itself successful in fulfilling its objective – developing professional expertise and leadership skills in the area of educational planning and management. And this professional expertise, in turn, creates sustainable institutional capacity for education development.

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