Specialized Courses Programme (SCP)

School mapping and micro-planning

5-16 May 2014

Micro-planning and school mapping, as planning approaches focused on the local level, provide an analytical framework for the implementation of education plans. They offer methods and techniques to estimate future needs and to identify ways to meet them. They can help to overcome the limitations of centralized planning through the correct understanding of local realities, the necessary consultation of relevant stakeholders to facilitate and, ultimately, a better fit between educational supply and demand.


The central aim of this course is to equip participants with skills and tools for school mapping and micro-planning. Participants will get insight and a practical grasp of:

  • The main concepts and approaches related to school mapping and micro planning.
  • The various methodological steps involved in the school mapping process.
  • School mapping techniques (diagnostic, projections, use of norms and standards) and other relevant tools such as Geographical Information System (GIS) software, for the elaboration of a prospective school map.
  • Alternative strategies of education provisions and their applicability in country-specific contexts.

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