Specialized Courses Programme (SCP)

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Session 2014: 7 April - 30 May

The IIEP Specialized Courses Programme (SCP) responds to the needs of professionals interested in intensive, short-term, specialized training in specific areas of educational planning and management. The SCP targets educational planning and management professionals working in ministries of education and other government and non-government organizations. It also caters to professionals involved in the design, implementation and management of education programmes and projects in bilateral and multilateral agencies as well as to specialists in education planning and management from training institutions and universities.

Designed to strengthen the participants’ knowledge in key areas of educational planning and management and their skills in related tools and techniques, each year eight specialization courses are offered through the SCP. The programme is organized and delivered in two parallel specialization streams of four courses each. Participants who complete one whole stream can thus acquire an integrated knowledge either in educational planning or in the management of education systems, programmes or projects.

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Specialization Stream 1
Educational Planning and Analysis (EPA)


Specialization Stream 2
Educational Planning and Management (EPM)

7-18 April 2014

Educational Management Information System (EMIS)


Organization and management of the education sector: systems and institutions

21 April - 2 May 2014

Projections and simulation models: methods and techniques


Teacher management

5-16 May 2014

Micro-planning and school mapping


Education budgets and financial management

19-30 May 2014

Quantitative methods for monitoring and evaluating the quality of education


Education sector programmes and projects