IIEP-UNESCO development project: Geospatial data in educational planning

Call for expression of interest for researchers and experts in geospatial information and educational planning

The International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) is the only specialized UN organisation with the mandate to support educational policy, planning, and management. It was established in 1963 as an integral part of UNESCO. The Institute is fully aligned with the objectives of the organization and contributes to its Education Sector. IIEP-UNESCO develops the capacities of educational actors to plan and manage their system, through its programmes of training, technical cooperation, research and knowledge sharing. 

IIEP-UNESCO’s Research and Development team is launching a global project on the use of geospatial data to inform educational planning. The project explores how the surge of micro-level georeferenced data – combined with increased technological capabilities – represent an opportunity for improving current micro-planning techniques and school mapping.. The project will identify which stages of the planning cycle could benefit from incorporating geospatial data, and which spatial econometric techniques could be used to inform better policy design and interventions. 

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IIEP-UNESCO will conduct a series of case studies to provide concrete tools to educational planners and managers in the area of school mapping. The Institute is therefore looking forward to work with experts in the area of geospatial information systems (GIS), technologies (GIT), and geospatial analysis in order to produce background papers, and to collaborate in the implementation of the project. 


We are looking for a collaboration with an individual or a team with an extensive expertise in GIS/GIT and geospatial analysis, and some familiarity with educational planning and management. The collaboration with IIEP-UNESCO would require the expert(s) to allocate 4-6 weeks during the remainder of 2020. 


To express your interest, please provide the following elements: 

  • A brief expression of why you are interested in the work, referencing your areas of expertise and relevant experience, including URLs to relevant publications
  • CV of the individuals or team members that would collaborate with IIEP-UNESCO


Please send your expression of interest and attachments to

The application is open until 31 July 2020, 23:59 CEST.