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03 November 2017

IIEP-UNESCO is pleased to share its new 10th Medium-Term Strategy, which will guide the Institute over the next four years in its work in strengthening the capacity of countries to plan and manage their education systems.

The new Strategy (2018-2021) builds upon the accomplishments of the previous Strategy, while also striving to respond to the changing needs of Member States today.

It also further cements the Institute’s role in in assisting UNESCO Member States in achieving their educational goals in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Education 2030 agenda.

IIEP is the only agency within the United Nations systems exclusively mandated to improving educational planning and management of Member States. Its integrated approach to capacity development depends on these key focus areas: training, technical assistance, research and development, and knowledge sharing and outreach. Five thematic priorities will help guide the Institute’s activities over the next four years. 

Five thematic priorities


infographic - five thematic priorities of IIEP-UNESCO



An integrated approach

IIEP’s continued success depends on deriving maximum value from the ‘cross-pollination’ of knowledge and know-how drawn from both its own research and that of others, and its technical cooperation and training activities. Thus, knowledge obtained from research – including relevant global findings – feeds into training and technical cooperation, while shared learning from training informs technical cooperation (and vice-versa), and provides valuable insights into developments on the ground. Lessons from working with global partners and ministries complete this virtuous cycle.

In fulfilling its mandate to assist Member States develop solutions to their particular challenges, IIEP is able to work alongside ministry staff through every stage of the planning and management process – from setting priorities, mapping the way, and allocating resources, to delivery, monitoring, and follow-up.

Read more in our 10th Medium-Term Strategy available in English and in French.