Education, training and recruitment policies of employers: the case of Panama and Rwanda, an attempt to analyze scales of recruitment criteria

Hallak, Jacques; Versluis, Jan
International Labour Organization
IIEP Research Report, 28
21 p.

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About the publication

This research attempts to develop an adequate statistical tool for analyzing scales of recruitment criteria. For that purpose, a methodology is presented which aims at translating the ordinal numbers into cardinal figures, then standardizing the cardinal numbers to allow for comparisons and finally applying a simple statistical technique to test the significance of inequality between certain functions of the standardized figures. In order to test the validity of this method, the authors applied it to Rwanda and Panama. The hypotheses to be tested and questions to be answered relate to (i) different characteristics of workers (ascriptive, cognitive, non-cognitive) to determinate job profiles, (ii) different job profiles for different occupations, (iii) distinct combinations of workers' characteristics for different firms. Concluding remarks compare the results of the two exercises.