Educational financing and budgeting in Kazakhstan

Kusherbaev, Krymbek; Aryn, Erlan; Bauyirjan, Ereshaev; Kuchukowa, Nurilya; Satova, Raushan; Usenova, Gauhar; Magenova, Kulyanda; Sultanova, Rahinjanova; Sultanova, Bahyita
Financial management of education systems
154 p.

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Long-term priorities of Kazakhstan's development, determined by the strategy 'Kazakhstan 2030', are 'health, education and prosperity of the citizens of Kazakhstan'. It is no mere chance: the second half of the passing century was characterized by unprecedented development of education in the world, resulting from realization of the vital role of education in providing security and stable social and economic development of a state. In this connection, it is important, when considering in detail the situation of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, to trace the strategy of its development with due regard for the general social and economic conditions of the society.