EPA 302 - Projections and Simulation Models: Methods and Techniques

8 April 2019 to 19 April 2019
Training location: 
Paris (France)

Practical information and application

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Course objectives

To offer an advanced level of specialization in projection and simulation models techniques in order to support educational planning and formulation of educational strategies. 

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the various concepts and projection techniques commonly used in educational planning;
  • Apply techniques and methods to construct simulation models using the basic data, projection framework and framework and functions needed to calculate projections;
  • Select and integrate relevant decision variables from the results framework in a simulation model to estimate the resources required for various national educational policies;
  • Link (using the model), the resources and results needed in order to produce budget programming and performance plan documents.



  1. Introduction to simulation model concepts and techniques, and their use in educational planning: This component explains the usefulness of projections and simulations for educational planning and management and in informing policy dialogue; and discusses the current concepts and different simulation models. (1 day)
  2. Building a simulation model within an education system and educational policy strategy contextThe component presents how: to organize the essential steps of projection of future enrolments and of the human, physical and financial needs at all the levels of education; to integrate the logical and result frameworks; to build and manage the simulation model, based on an Excel file, containing the basic data and the projection framework; to make and apply calculation formulas and use the computerised functions needed to calculate enrolment projection and human, physical and financial needs. (8 days)



Master Excel workbook environment


Profile of participant:

See criteria mentioned in the introduction