Expert Meeting on ‘Exploring the organisation and management of teacher careers’

27 January 2017

As part of the ongoing research programme, ‘Exploring the organisation and management of teacher careers’, IIEP hosted a three day Expert Meeting from 12 – 14 December 2016. 

The Meeting brought together diverse professionals ranging from academics to practitioners involved in the activities of different organisations working on issues related to teachers. The experience and perspectives of the participants stimulated interesting insights about the formulation and implementation of teacher career structures, the meaning and measurement of teacher motivation in relation to teacher careers, methodological considerations for the research project, teacher profession re-professionalization, new public management trends in teacher management and evaluation, and such related aspects. The meeting was particularly helpful in preparation of the third stage of this research programme.

While the first phase consisted of the exploratory study that gathered the available research in the area of the organization of teacher careers and helped to define the typology of career models as well as evaluation modalities ( read the publication "Exploring the impact of career models on teacher motivation"), the second phase involved a mapping exercise in eight selected countries with innovative teacher career systems to gain more insights into implementation challenges and perceived effects of various career models on teacher motivation, attraction, and retention. The third phase of the project aims to conduct in-depth case studies to hear directly from teachers and find out what they think about the organization of their career and how this affects their motivation/satisfaction, attraction, and retention. This research phase also aims to get more detailed insights into the implementation challenges of different design options looking at the work of different administrative levels. 

The innovative models implemented in the New York City, the Western Cape Province in South Africa, and Ecuador have been chosen for this exercise which shall involve the direct participation of teachers and other relevant stakeholders such as school principals, regional administrators, and evaluators.

The results of the second and third research phases will soon be made available to policy makers and general public interested in the newest evidence with regard to the organization and management of teacher careers.