Financing Education 2030

13 June 2016

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The fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4) is an opportunity the world cannot afford to miss. 75 million children are denied their right to a high-quality education due to crises and a total of 250 million children are not learning basic skills in numeracy and literacy. Achieving inclusive and quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030 will require all hands on deck.

Education financing is of the utmost importance – for all efforts will fall short without the mobilization of resources and adequate levels of funding. As IIEP’s Mariela Buonomo writes in this issue, the attainment of SDG 4 “will require a renewed commitment from governments, smart resource allocation, defined priorities and improved data on what is being spent and how”.



In this issue...



Planning for Education 2030
By Suzanne Grant Lewis, IIEP Director

New goals, same challenges?
By Mariela Buonomo Zabaleta, Programme Specialist, IIEP

SDGs: an ambitious vision for education
By Jordan Naidoo, Director, Education for All and International Education Coordination, UNESCO

Lao PDR lifts the fog on education financing
By Ousmane Diouf, Programme Specialist, IIEP


School grants in Madagascar

Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys - Lessons from experience       
By Muriel Poisson, Head of Research, IIEP


Interview with David Woods Baysah from the Ministry of Education in Liberia

Trade-offs in education planning
By Jonathan Jourde, Communications Officer, IIEP Pôle de Dakar

Unearthing the impact of decentralization in education
By Marcelo Souto Simão, Programme Specialist, IIEP-Buenos Aires, and Mariela Buonomo Zabaleta, Programme Specialist, IIEP

The complexity of education funding: an opportunity for reform?
By Sylvia Montoya, Director, UNESCO Institute for Statistics


Bridging the funding gap
By Michaela Martin, Programme Specialist, IIEP


In their words: experiences from the IIEP MOOC
By Mioko Saito, Programme Specialist, and Jimena Pereyra, Training Specialist, IIEP


A talk with the author Keith M. Lewin


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