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IIEP Director. Expert in Gender inequalities, planning and policy-making in the developing world, participation in school governance, democratic policy-making, funding trends in education

Ms. Suzanne Grant Lewis was appointed Director at IIEP in 2014. In this position she provides strategic vision and leadership for the Institute, develops strategic partnerships and mobilises resources, and provides oversight of the staff, financial resources, programme and administration of IIEP Paris, Dakar and Buenos Aires.

She has over twenty-five years of experience in improving educational opportunities in the developing world, particularly in education policy and planning in Africa. In 2011, she helped launch the International Education Funders Group, a new collaborative of over 50 foundations, whose purpose is to help private donors play a catalytic role in advancing Education for All. Prior to this, Ms. Grant Lewis directed the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, the initiative of seven private US foundations to strengthen African universities.

As a Harvard University faculty member (1997-2006) she co-developed and directed the International Educational Policy Programme, a skills-based Master's degree programme. She also taught postgraduate courses on gender inequalities in education and on education planning and policy-making in international settings.

Ms. Grant Lewis has experience in designing and managing applied educational research programmes across many contexts and has published works for a wide range of audiences on participation in school governance, democratic policy-making in education, funding trends in education internationally, among many others.

She has lived in the USA, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, and France.


  • PhD, Stanford University


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