Internal quality assurance in higher education (in English)

9 October 2017 to 8 December 2017
Application deadline: 
19 June 2017
Training location: 
Worldwide - English-speaking participants

The development of internal quality assurance systems has become one of the most important reform initiatives at the higher education level. When developing IQA systems, higher education institutions are often either responding to the requirements of national QA agencies, or they wish to manage the quality of their services more tightly. When developing internal quality assurance, HEIs face a number of challenges, such as choosing an appropriate focus for their IQA, integrating IQA tools into a cost effective and coherent system, taking into account the need to enhance the employability of graduates through IQA and finding an appropriate balance between centralized and decentralized structures. From a prior IIEP research project on innovative and effective options for IQA, IIEP has developed a knowledge base, which it is now willing to share with the framework of a distance education programme.

Objective: The main objective of the course will be to discuss options and good practices for the construction or development of an internal quality assurance system in a higher education institution.

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:
  • Choose among several options for the focus and orientation of their IQA system;
  • Identify and distinguish tools and procedures for an integrated IQA system;
  • Analyse the link between IQA and employability, and identify tools and processes through which this link can be strengthened, and;
  • Design an effective and well supported structure for IQA.

The course will include work on reading materials supplemented with questions for discussion, work on case studies as well as practical exercises, such as the building a roadmap for the development of IQA in the participating universities

Participants’ profiles

Quality managers, if a university has a dedicated unit for internal quality assurance, or vice-rectors for teaching and learning, if this is not the case.

550 US$