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Sector analysis, cost and financing, simulation models, policy dialogue, national education accounts, ECD, statistical tools and methodological development
Jimena Pereyra
eLearning, instructional design, training need assessment and student mobility in higher education
Muriel Poisson
Ethics and Corruption, Transparency and Accountability, Integrity Planning, Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys, Teacher Codes of Conduct, Public Access to Information, Open School Data, Education and Poverty, Planning Education in Cities, Non Formal Educ
Inclusive Education, eLearning, Equity in education
Gender equality in learning achievement, instructional design and development, life-long education, sampling technique, instrument design, Rasch measurement
IIEP-UNESCO expert Anne Seeger
Crisis-sensitive education sector planning, Gender, Capacity development, Strengthening educational administrations
Education sector analysis, Teacher management, Capacity development
Morten Sigsgaard
Conflict and disaster risk reduction, Education sector strategic planning, Capacity development, Research and evaluation
Emily Stirnemann
Executive officer : contracts, partnerships, contracts management
Khadim Sylla
Strategic planning, EMIS, digital technology for educational planning, school mapping and microplanning, indicators, projection and simulation models
Barbara Tournier
Teacher management, education sector diagnosis, school mapping, plan preparation, EMIS, HIV & AIDS and education.