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Inclusive Education, eLearning, Equity in education
International cooperation for sustainable development, multi-stakeholder partnerships, fundraising, public policy, systemic innovation, strategic planning & project management
IIEP-UNESCO expert Anne Seeger
Crisis-sensitive education sector planning, Gender, Capacity development, Strengthening educational administrations
Head of IIEP Dakar, Education sector analysis, Teacher management, Capacity development
Education in emergencies, risk reduction strategies for the education sector, capacity development, crisis-sensitive education sector planning, planning for displaced populations
Lynne Sergeant
knowledge management, content curation, strategic watch
Khadim Sylla
Strategic planning, EMIS, digital technology for educational planning, school mapping and microplanning, indicators, projection and simulation models
Crisis-sensitive education sector planning, Education in emergencies, Conflict and disaster risk reduction, Capacity development, Planning for displaced populations