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Training in education planning and management, teacher education and management, cross-sectoral planning (inclusive education and early childhood development), research in teacher education and quality issues in education
Education sector studies, Policy analysis and planning, functional analysis of Ministries of Education, capacity development and strengthening of training institutions, training engineering
Economics of education, TVET and labor markets, school mapping and microplanning, indicators, projection and simulation models, institutional development
Mariela Buonomo Zabaleta
Technical advice, analysis on costs and financing of education, management of educational services, monitoring and evaluation, and skills development
Chloé Chimier
Decentralization policies, school grants, teacher management
Diane Coury
Strategic plan preparation, monitoring and evaluation, including in crisis-affected countries
IIEP Deputy Director. Economics of education, education sector analysis, sample surveys on learning achievement
Anton de Grauwe
Capacity development strategies, decentralization policies in education, educational management reforms
Patricia Dias Da Graça
EMIS, development of indicator systems, school mapping, projections and simulation models, e-learning and instructional design and development.
Ousmane Diouf
Economics, Statistics, Finance, Plans preparation and management, Projection and simulation models, Education sector diagnosis
Monitoring and evaluation, Education management information systems, Indicators, HIV and AIDS, Quality education.
Amélie Gagnon
Education indicators, EMIS, CapEFA, Monitoring education sector plans, Projections and simulation models