Michaela Martin
+33 (0) 1 45 03 77 52
Internal and external quality assurance in higher education, Indicators, management of university-enterprise partnerships, higher education in small states, Institutional management

Michaela Martin is a Programme Specialist who specialized over the past twenty years in selected areas of higher education policy making, planning and management, both at the systems and the institutional levels.

She has been specifically working on the Internal and external quality assurance in higher education, indicator systems for higher education, management of university-enterprise partnerships, tertiary education in small states, management of higher education institutions,

She is in charge of research projects in the area of internal and external quality assurance in higher education. Since 1990, she has been involved in research and training activities related higher education policy and planning. She has published extensively in these areas, as well as on academia –industry partnerships and external quality assurance.

Within IIEP’s Advanced Training Programme, she is in charge of a module on Education Sector Diagnosis, Organization and Management of the Education System. She is also currently responsible for several distance education programmes, such as External Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Indicator Systems for Higher Education. Finally, she participates in technical cooperation projects at the country level in the area of higher education planning and management.     

Prior to joining IIEP in 1990, Michaela Martin was a researcher at the European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities (ESMU) in Brussels (Belgium).


  • Post-graduate in Public Administration Diploma of European Studies (College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium), and a DESS and a Master’s in Franco-German Economic Relations at the University of Paris III (France).


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