New IIEP publication analyses governance reforms in higher education in Africa

27 January 2017

IIEP is pleased to announce the publication of the newest volume in its New Trends in Higher Education series, Reforms and Changes in Governance of Higher Education in Africa, edited by N.V. Varghese. 

In the period following independence, higher education in Africa received favourable political attention and funding. The rationale for state funding was questioned in the 1980s, however, and subsequent reforms in the 1990s focused on finding alternative ways to finance and improve the managerial efficiency of universities. In many cases, these reforms led to the privatization of public institutions and the promotion of private institutions, resulting in substantial changes to governance structures and decision-making processes.

IIEP carried out a research study to analyse these reforms and understand their effects on the governance of higher education at institutional and national levels. Through in-depth studies in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, this book explores how the reforms affected the governance and management of higher education institutions in Africa.