Now in Dari and Spanish!

26 October 2017

IIEP is pleased to announce that its Guidelines for Education Sector Plan Preparation and Appraisal, published jointly with the Global Partnership for Education, are now available in Dari and Spanish. 

These new language editions follow the English and French versions, which were published in 2015. 

Guidelines for Education Sector Plan Preparation

These guidelines outline the essential features of what a credible education sector plan (ESP) should include. Its approach strives to ensure that governments take the lead in creating the sector plan and encourages both an overall vision and country ownership of this important national document. 

It helps users work through important questions related to plan preparation, including: 

  • What works and what doesn’t?
  • Where are the biggest needs?
  • Have the needs of marginalized children, girls and children with disabilities been considered?
  • How will activities be financed?

Built on a sound analysis of the education system, plan preparation should be an inclusive, participatory process led by the government. 


Guidelines for Education Sector Plan Appraisal

The guidelines for plan appraisal are a tool that can be used by a wider set of educational stakeholders and partners to assess the soundness, feasibility, and content of an education sector plan. It provides key criteria against which any plan should be appraised.

This step is important insofar as it helps development partners determine whether or not to endorse a country’s plan and gauge whether it will deliver on its intended results. It also helps mobilize external and domestic funding for implementation.

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