Our Training programmes

International-oriented, career-focused, and flexible, IIEP’s training programmes provide the ideal training for education planners and managers, allowing them to adopt the delivery mode that best meets their own needs and interests.

All our programmes are geared to strengthening national capacities to analyse and formulate sound education policies and realistic education plans, and to effectively manage education resources, including human and financial resources.

Training programmes can be followed both in residential mode and online and ranging from 2 weeks courses to one year.



> Advanced Training Programme (Master's level)
> The Education Sector Planning course
> Specialized Courses Programme 
> eLearning
> Training at IIEP Buenos Aires
> Training at IIEP Pôle de Dakar
> Tailor made training

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Combining academic and professional skills

IIEP's training programmes create leadership skills, strengthen core competencies and skills of technical personnel for effective education sector planning and management, and train national trainers. IIEP reinforces the capacity of education leaders, and their institutions, to prepare and implement education policies more successfully, in cooperation with national and international agencies.


Multicultural and multi-language environment

Most of IIEP’s courses are bilingual programmes delivered in English and French. They provide a unique opportunity to participants from different continents, countries, and cultures, with a common interest in education development, to share their professional experiences.


Whom are these programmes designed for?

  • Educational planners and managers involved in policy formulation and implementation
  • Officials from education ministries
  • Professionals from other governmental bodies in charge of education matters
  • Professionals from non-governmental bodies
  • Education specialists who wish to strengthen their knowledge and expertise in specific areas
  • Education officers involved in analysis, design, planning, implementation and evaluation of education policies and programmes at different levels of government.
  • Technical officers specialized in research, planning, statistics, management, human resources, assessment, curriculum, teacher professional development.
  • Professionals developing educational programmes and projects in various types of organizations.
  • Social, labour, and political leaders interested in educational issues

Admitted candidates have excellent academic and/or professional achievements, high potential, and strong motivation to complete a programme linked to a relevant professional plan.