Graduates and job markets: a quantitative study of two universities in India

Panchamukhi, P.R.
IIEP Occasional Papers, 74
117 p.

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On the basis of two graduate surveys: one in an urban area (Bombay) and the other in a rural or "moffussil" area (Karnataka), this study investigates into the differences of socio-economic background and the employment of graduates, how far higher education programmes are career-oriented, as well as the recruitment methods and selection criteria used by employers. It also analyses the phenomenon of educational inflation, the job expectations of graduates, and the role of higher education in facilitating the transition of graduates from education to work. The findings of the study reject the idea of instituting a uniform policy to reduce graduate unemployment, it proposes adopting specific approaches to the problems of relevance of higher education, job satisfaction and graduate unemployment which are adapted to the prevailing circumstances.