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  1. Collaborating for educational change: the role of teachers, parents and the community in school improvement

    Shaeffer, Sheldon F.
  2. Colombia: Equidad social y educación en los años '90

  3. Combating academic fraud: towards a culture of integrity

    Eckstein, Max A.
  4. Communication media in education for low-income countries: implications for planning

    McAnany, Emile G.; Mayo, John K.
  5. Communication technology for learning

    Hallak, Jacques; Saito, Mioko
  6. Community schools in Kenya: Case study on community participation in funding and managing schools

    Mujidi, Jeddidah; Njoroge Mungai, John; Nyamoita Onsomu, Eldah; Oulai, Dramane; Sankale, James
  7. Comparative review of national mobile learning initiatives in Latin America: the cases of Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay; comparative report; executive summary/abridged version

  8. Competencias para la profesionalización de la gestión educativa: diez módulos destinados a los responsables de los procesos de transformación educativa

  9. Competency-based approach to technical and vocational education and training in Africa: study based on seven African countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, and South Africa: synthesis report

  10. Competitive selection of school principals: case study of an innovation in Brazil

  11. Competências transversais para apoiar o fortalecimento institucional: materiais de apoio à formação em competências de inspetores da educação em Angola

    Souto Simao, Marcelo
  12. Compilation of the main indicators for analysis of the relationship between education/training and employment