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  1. Private higher education in Bangladesh

    Varghese, N.V.; Alam, Mahmudul; Haque, Shamsul
  2. Growth and expansion of private higher education in Africa

    Varghese, N.V.
  3. Forms of student support in Sweden: past, present and future

    Strömqvist, Sture
  4. Student loans schemes in Mauritius: experience, analysis and scenarios

    Mohadeb, Praveen
  5. Economic outcomes and school quality

  6. Policy options for student loan schemes: lessons from five Asian case studies

  7. Twenty years of secondary education policy in Chile

    Cariola, Leonor; Núñez Prieto, Yván
  8. Trends in secondary education in industrialized countries: are they relevant for African countries?

    Briseid, Ole; Caillods, Françoise; Lugaz, Candy; Murtin, Barbara
  9. Education & PRSPs: a review of experiences

    Caillods, Françoise; Hallak, Jacques
  10. Private higher education

    Varghese, N.V.; Alam, Mahmudul; Haque, Shamsul; Ovodenko, Anatoli A.; Abagi, Okwach; Nzomo, Juliana; Otieno, Wycliffe; Sharvashidze, George; Tasbulatova, Shaizada; Belosludsteva, Valentina; Tasbulatov, Temirkhan
  11. Student loans in Thailand: are they effective, equitable, sustainable?

  12. The Student loans scheme in Hong Kong