Revamped HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

18 January 2017


Hiv and health education clearinghouse new website
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Costa Rica, Heredia, local school near La Quinta de Saraqui funded by money from ecotourism

UNESCO’s HIV and Health Clearinghouse, hosted and managed by IIEP, has been redesigned to better align itself to the new UNESCO Strategy on Education for Health and Well-Being.

The recently launched UNESCO strategy focuses on the new Sustainable Development Goals Health Education and Gender equality and their inter-dependence. Within these goals UNESCO gives strategic priority to good quality sexuality education as well as safe, inclusive and health-promoting learning environments, the latter encompassing issues such as preventing HIV-related stigma and discrimination, eliminating school-related gender-based violence, and strengthening national education sector responses to substance use. 

The Clearinghouse now provides curated collections of essential resources to these new priority areas accessible directly from its home page

UNESCO’s HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse is “a core component of UNESCO’s role in generating and communicating knowledge in order to influence policy, practice and government and donor funding priorities.” (UNESCO Strategy on Education for Health and Well-Being, p. 16)

The HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse is a knowledge sharing initiative, provided by UNESCO, with contributions from external partners. Through a comprehensive resource library and information exchange service it supports ministries of education, development agencies, civil society, researchers and other partners, to develop HIV and health-related policies, programmes and advocacy within the education sector.