Secondary teacher management (in English)

27 February 2017 to 21 April 2017
Application deadline: 
28 November 2016
Training location: 
Worldwide - English-speaking participants

In the education sector, an adequate supply of competent and efficient teachers and administrators is vital if the objectives of increasing access and of enhancing the quality of learning and teaching are to be achieved. Bearing this in mind, the rational management of human resources – especially teachers – is of particular importance. It aims at limiting, as much as possible, government spending and the waste of resources while ensuring a fairer offering of higher-quality education.

This course will concentrate on teacher management, with a particular focus on secondary teachers. Indeed, in countries where primary education systems have grown considerably, the expansion of secondary education is largely constrained by the availability of qualified teachers. Planning for the supply of secondary teachers is all the more complex at secondary level because of subject specialisation. The course will enable participants to develop their knowledge and skills in the following areas.

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Explain issues, concepts and approaches of teacher management, especially at secondary level;
  • Apply techniques for the planning of secondary teacher supply;
  • Calculate indicators used for the diagnosis of secondary teacher allocation and utilisation;
  • Reflect on your own information system and monitoring tools for the management of secondary teacher OR organizational and regulatory aspects of secondary teacher management (participants will be invited to choose from these two options).

Participants’ profiles

Professionals in human resource management, particularly teacher management at central and regional levels; senior staff involved in the preparation of plans and strategies to develop the education sector; specialized trainers and researchers in education management.

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