Selected testimonials

Selected testimonials

"The course material was very useful as it is something I can use in my every day work." (A participant from Barbados)

"I learned more than expected. The resources were wonderful." (A participant from Kenya)

"[I found the course] very relevant. I am a quality assurance officer and the course enhanced my skills." (A participant from Kenya)

“This course has given us the opportunity to strengthen our capacity in educational planning.” (A participant from Cambodia)

“This online course … has opened my mind to think. It helped to share online and learn together with other participants from different countries." (A participants of Papua New Guinea)

"The course gave me a clear approach to address the real problems encountered during implementation of education projects at different levels." (A participant from South Soudan)

"The course was an eye opener for me, and I drew a lot of lessons, which I am ready to take forward." (A participant from Nigeria)