Teacher career reforms in Thailand

Punyasavatsut, Chaiyuth
Management of teachers. Country notes

About the publication

Since the 1999 education reform, Thailand has restructured and organized teacher careers into streams as well as upgrading salaries to make the profession more appealing. Overall, the reforms have been successful in making the profession more attractive. Critics have, however, pointed out the lack of quantifiable impact that the reforms have so far had on student learning outcomes.This country note was conducted within the framework of an international research project on teacher careers implemented by the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP). It provides an overview of the reforms related to teacher careers in Thailand and reflects on the challenges and perceived effects of the current teacher career structure. It draws on laws, regulations, and academic papers, as well as six in-depth, semi-structured interviews. Several major challenges for administration and management are discussed, including public cost, corruption, and weaknesses in monitoring and evaluation.

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