Barbara Tournier
+33 (0) 1 45 03 78 13
Teacher management, education sector diagnosis, school mapping, plan preparation, EMIS, HIV & AIDS and education.

Barbara Tournier is the project coordinator of IIEP’s research on teacher management. She also manages IIEP’s training offer (distance and face-to-face) on teacher management.

More specifically, she works on organizational aspects of teacher management to offer insights on how improved organization of education systems can help better support teachers in their daily activities and enhance their motivation. At present her research work focuses understanding what constitutes an appealing teacher career system and its implications for the profession. She is also developing distance education materials on human resources management and its application to teacher management.

Besides her work on human resource management, she is actively involved in supporting the institute in other key domains. With over a decade of experience in educational planning, her areas of expertise include school mapping, education sector diagnosis, education sector plan preparation, Education Management Information Systems and HIV & AIDS and education.

Before joining the Institute she was a Consultant at the FAO in Rome (Italy).


  • Master of Science in Research and Evaluation Methods in Education from Sussex University (United Kingdom), Master of Science in Population and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science (United Kingdom), is currently studying for a Doctorate in Education at the University of Sussex.


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