Upcoming IIEP-UNESCO events

08 May 2022

Here is the latest schedule of IIEP-UNESCO's events. Registration is free and open to all. The videos will also be made available after each event on IIEP's YouTube channel.

Transforming Education Pre-Summit Side Session - DOES ALL MEAN ALL? Ensuring the Participation of Learners with Disabilities in Inclusive, Quality, Equitable Education

DATE: 29 June 2022 | TIME: 9:00-9:45

Location: Action Track 1 Village, UNESCO, Paris

As the global community attempts to transform education, will children and adolescents with disabilities be included or left further behind? While learners with disabilities were already disproportionately excluded from school and learning opportunities, the COVID-19 pandemic amplified inequalities for children and adolescents with disabilities, while also creating opportunities to reinvent how a truly inclusive education system can be realized. 

This session will demonstrate how to ensure the participation of learners with disabilities while improving the quality of education for all by:

  • reviewing commitments and progress so far towards inclusive education for all learners, including all learners with disabilities;
  • highlighting how a twin-track approach – addressing systemic change while addressing individual needs;
  • utilizing Universal Design for Learning – which ensures that all learners benefit from the curriculum, can ensure the participation of learners with disabilities while improving the quality of education for all;
  • building capacity of government personnel;
  • engaging itinerant teachers who provide support in mainstream schools.

Transforming Education Pre-Summit Side Event: Launching a global network of school leaders

30 June 2022 | 14:15 CEST

Action Track 3 Booth, UNESCO, Paris

The objective of this session is for participants to develop a greater understanding of the complexity of school leadership and the valuable role that school leaders can play in transforming education. IIEP's Beatriz Pont will be the keynote speaker.

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