Asuncion Valderrama
+33 (0) 1 45 03 77 80
Information architecture, Digital information preservation, Strategic watch, Institutional knowledge management

Member of the Information Services team, Asunción Valderrama heads the IIEP Library.

Information specialist, she has led the evolution of the Documentation Centre from a specialized library to a knowledge sharing platform which provides selected, validated and up-to-date resources on educational planning and policy. This information is now accessible worldwide through thematic portals and specialized databases.

She coordinates and manages multiple projects including support to IIEP work for institutional development in Member States, to research and training needs of IIEP staff and partners, and producing information reports and literature reviews on thematic issues.

She is in particularly interested in designing and implementing strategies to counter information overload through collaborative work and in producing new knowledge using Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 tools. She co-leads the Cooperation and Development Sector at ADBS (French Association for Librarians and Information Professionals).

Asuncion joined the IIEP in 1999, when she was in charge of documentary databases. Prior to this, she worked as Head Librarian in a theological college (Vaux-sur-Seine, France).


Master’s degree in Information and Documentation (Sciences Po, Paris) and a Master’s degree in History (Universidad Complutense, Madrid and Sorbonne, Paris).


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