Videos : technical guidelines school grants

This series of 8 short videos was produced as part of the School Grants research programme. This series addresses practical issues related to the design and implementation of school grant policies. Through the experience of IIEP's politicians, teachers, researchers and experts, these videos present concrete options for the success of these policies.


Film 1 - What are the objectives of school grants?


Film 2 - How shall we formulate a school grant policy?


Film 3 - Which criteria should be used and what amouts should be allocated to school grants?


Film 4 - How to transfer grants to schools?


Film 5 - How to guide the use of school grants?


Film 6 - How to encourage participatory in decision-making processes?


Film 7 - How can we control the use of school grants?


Film 8 - How to inform and train actors about scholl grants?