Debate estratégico en el IIPE,
28 de mayo de 2009.
¿Por qué los niños desfavorecidos pienen buen desempeño en la escuela?

(en Inglés)

IIEP Strategic debate, 28 May 2009.
"Why do impoverished children perform well in school?"

Can good quality schools help poor children break out of poverty? Or do education systems simply reproduce existing disparities? The debate on the relative impact of school quality and family background on student results remains ongoing. Some argue, like Heyneman and Loxley that, the lower the GNP/capita of the country the more school quality has an effect on learning by comparison to a child’s social background. Others hold that the impact of a child’s social background is considerably more powerful in explaining learning outcomes. This debate is crucial to help define a successful policy to improve equality and equity. What does recent research teach us? How can partners in development best address this issue?

IIEP’s strategic debate will look into these issues and explore the challenges and implications especially for developing countries.

Lead panellist

Stephen P. Heyneman is professor of International Education Policy at the Vanderbilt University and a former staff of the World Bank where he was engaged in research in education quality and the design of policies to support educational effectiveness. 
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Dan Wagner is a professor of education and the director of the International Literacy Institute and of the National Center on Adult Literacy at the University of Pennsylvania.
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Jon Lauglo is professor of sociology of education in the faculty of education, University of Oslo and senior researcher at NOVA - Norwegian Social Research. He has also worked in the World Bank and at the University of London Institute of Education.
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Stéphanie Dolata is an IIEP staff working on measurement methodologies, including the measurement of socioeconomic background in developing countries.

The seminar will be in English and French and will take place at IIEP on 28 May from 2 to 5 p.m. in room II.

Selected reading from IIEP:

Ross, K., Genevois, I. (2006). Cross-national studies of the quality of education: planning their design and managing their impact. Paris: UNESCO/IIEP.

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