Foro en la Web sobre "Los Docentes y el VIH y el SIDA"

18-29 de mayo de 2009,
(en Inglés).

Supporting educational planners, managers, and trainers to integrate HIV & AIDS into educational plans

E-Forum on Teachers and HIV & AIDS: Reviewing achievements, identifying challenges

IIEP and the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) on Education are organizing
an E-Forum from 18 to 29 May 2009.
This Forum aims to promote the exchange
of views and experienceson the contribution
of teachers to HIV prevention and mitigation efforts and the impact of the epidemic on teachers.

Four interrelated sub-topics will be accessible over the E-Forum:

  • Involving teachers in HIV prevention – policy and management implications
  • Coverage and content of pre- and in- service training for teachers
  • The role of teachers in child protection and promotion of safe and healthy school environments
  • Supportive and enabling environments for teachers affected by HIV and AIDS

The Forum will be animated by e-moderators (IIEP and UNAIDS IATT Secretariat staff), with daily syntheses of Forum discussions and commentary to guide further discussion on these issues.

The outcomes of the Forum will also directly feed into the Spring meeting of the UNAIDS IATT on Education, hosted by Irish Aid in Limerick, Ireland in June 2009, which has ‘Teachers and HIV & AIDS: Reviewing achievements, identifying challenges’ as its Symposium theme. A report on the outcomes of the discussion will also be available more widely on the IIEP’s HIV and AIDS Education Clearinghouse following the Forum.

To join the Forum, please send an e-mail message to:
, stating your name, title, organization and nationality. We will then send you detailed instructions on how to access the Forum and to contribute to the discussion.

Please note that you can sign up anytime prior to or during the Forum but the Forum will be active only from 18 May.

More details on the forum are available at: