Education Sector Planning (ESP) Phase 2

1 Avril 2014 - 31 Décembre 2016


Country: Viet Nam

Start date: April 2014

End date: December 2016

Implementation partners: 
Ministry of Education and Training, National Institute for Education Management (NIEM), Institute for Education Management of Ho Chi Minh City (IEMH), Vietnam National Institute for Educational Sciences (VNIES), Hanoi Open University (HOU), UNESCO Office in Ha Noi

Financial partners: JP Morgan Chase & Co Foundation



The first phase of this project involved an 11-month blended programme on Education Sector Planning, delivered by IIEP from mid-2012 to mid-2013. A core team of about 35 education officials, from central and provincial education departments and national training institutions (NIEM and IEMH), received intensive skills training in educational planning.

The second phase of the Education Sector Planning project in Viet Nam took place from 2014 to 2015. Its purpose was to reinforce the technical sustainability of results from Phase-1 by building a national training programme in educational planning in Vietnamese language, adapted to local contexts. This involved collaboration with :

  • NIEM, a university-level institute based in Hanoi, which provides professional development programmes for MOET staff from central offices and Viet Nam’s 32 Northern provinces.
  • IEMH, a professional training institute based in Ho Chi Minh City, which provides the equivalent for Viet Nam’s 31 Southern provinces. 

The project set up an inter-institutional Specialized Technical Advisory Team (STAT) working as an IIEP counterpart and interface with MOET. STAT included a team of national experts from:

  • NIEM
  • IEMH
  • VNIES, leading education policy research institute advising MOET and the Party's Education Commission on policy and planning
  • Representatives from MOET key departments
  • Dr. Nguyen Vinh Hien, MOET Vice-Minister in charge of planning.

The National Project Director was NIEM Vice-Rector, Dr. Le Phuoc Minh. The institutional set-up of the project, strong MOET commitment and leadership by the National Project Director, Dr. Le Phuoc Minh, contributed to excellent project results. 

The project produced six training modules in Education Sector Planning, based on IIEP's six ESP modules. Contents were adapted to local contexts (country examples, exercises, activities) and translated into Vietnamese. Different versions were reviewed and improved by STAT in discussion with the specialized translator and IIEP. To ensure coherence in the translation throughout the six modules, and in an effort to contribute to the standardization of technical language, a bilingual English-Vietnamese glossary of 250 technical terms and concepts with definitions was developed. 

Training of trainers involved a combination of approaches. Senior experts from STAT acquired solid content knowledge through their cooperation with IIEP in the review of ESP modules. Some STAT and additional staff from NIEM were trained on how to prepare and deliver distance training. They participated in a one-week full-time workshop on distance training approaches and methodologies delivered by IIEP. The same team and additional staff from NIEM got on-the-job training from the Hanoi Open University in the design of on-line resources and delivery of distance programmes. 

IEM, jointly with HOU and backup from IIEP, developed a set of online resources (e-books, video-clips, power point presentations with audio, quizzes etc.) and an ESP pilot course for provincial Departments of Education and Training (DOET). IIEP provided backstopping, including technical advice from a distance and sharing of resources (models of tests; evaluation forms). A total of 150 educational planners and managers from seven regions were trained in this course. NIEM regularly consults with IIEP in order to learn from their experience and launch the Vietnam ESP blended programme as a regular training offer.