Foundations of disability inclusive education sector planning 2021

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1 Mars 2021 - 30 Avril 2021
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18 Décembre 2020
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This online course aims to provide professionals with the foundations of disability-inclusive education sector planning (ESP). It will focus on the knowledge and skills that participants will need in order to take an active role in mainstreaming disability into education sector plans. 

The course will be particularly useful for participants from countries intending to move towards a more inclusive education system. It will provide them with a foundation in educational planning for disability-inclusive education, and will deepen their understanding of regional, national, and local strategies, so they can make better-informed decisions concerning reforms of their national systems.

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  •     define key concepts, principles, and benefits related to inclusion in education systems;
  •     examine strengths and weaknesses of the education system in addressing the needs of all children and in particular children with disabilities;
  •     formulate strategies to improve inclusion in the education sector in their country with a focus on children with disabilities;
  •     assess their own role and contributions to making the education system more inclusive.

Participants' profile

The primary target audience is Ministry of Education staff whose work areas cover issues of equity and inclusion in regards to children with disabilities. This includes participants from departments of special needs or inclusive education, as well as departments of planning, budget and finance, statistics (EMIS, population surveys, etc.), teacher training, and curriculum.

A secondary audience includes representatives of key development partners.

Please note that candidates must meet the following requirements:

  •     a minimum of 3 years’ work experience with policies and strategies addressing marginalized populations;
  •     proficiency in English (reading and writing);
  •     good computer skills, particularly in Microsoft Word;
  •     reliable access to the Internet.

The participation of female professionals and people with disabilities is highly encouraged.


IIEP will send out invitation letters to Ministries of Education and other concerned institutions. The Ministries of Education will select participants who will work in teams of 4–6 members during the entire duration of the course..

The deadline for applications is Friday, 18 December 2020.

Participating teams will be informed of their selection three weeks after they have submitted their application.