From teacher to planner: an interview with an IIEP trainee

06 Juillet 2017

Originally from Spain, José Sardaña Polo spent a decade working as a bilingual teacher in primary and secondary schools in cities as diverse as Chicago, in the U.S., Warsaw, in Poland, and Arequipa in Peru.

While the context and educational systems were very different in each of these places, Sardaña Polo has gained experience teaching low-income and minority students.

Now, he is in the midst of a professional transition that is seeming shift from the classroom to a more behind the scenes position: the design and development of education systems.

This major decision recently led him to IIEP-UNESCO where he completed two specialized courses, Organization and Management of the Education Sector and Teacher Management.

Upon completion of the two courses, IIEP caught up with Polo to see what’s in store for him ahead.