Graduate employment and higher education in West Bengal

Sanyal, Bikas C.
University of Calcutta (India). Dept of Statistics
288 p., illus.
92-803-1101-8; 0-85226-078-4

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Graduate Employment and Higher Education in West Bengal deals with the problem of expansion of higher education in the state of West Bengal, India, and the consequent problems, in particular the problem of graduate unemployment. The study analyses the factors influencing the individual's choice of educational career and the transition from university to the world of work. It discusses the causes of unemployment from both the graduate and employer viewpoints, and suggests possible remedies. It also examines to what extent employed graduates are trained on-the-job, as well as the gaps between the expectations and actual achievements of students, graduates and employers with regard to the education and employment systems, and how the system of higher education could be more closely related to the needs of the labour market.