Regional Project in Asia: Strengthening Ministry of Education Leadership in the Implementation of Education Policy and Reforms

28 Juillet 2017


Country: Regional Asia with a focus on Malaysia

Start date: May 2015

End date: December 2017

Implementation partners: 
Institute Aminuddin Baki (IAB), Korean Education Development Institute (KEDI), National University for Education Planning and Administration (NUEPA) and members of the Asian Network of Training and Research Institutions in Educational Planning (ANTRIEP).

Financial partners: Malaysia Funds-in-Trust, Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (MoE)




This regional policy research project focuses on three countries in Asia, including India, the Republic of Korea and Malaysia. IIEP’s research partners are three leading institutions of the ANTRIEP network from these countries, NUEPA, KEDI and IAB. The project started in mid-2015 and is expected to be completed end November 2017.  It is funded under a Malaysia Funds-and-Trust Scheme with additional financial support from the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, covering the costs of a regional ANTRIEP Policy Seminar in Malaysia. 

The project aims at analysing the effects of the ongoing rapid  demographic change in Asian countries on education demand and supply. The overall objective of the project is to increase the knowledge base available to Governments and provide practical insights for national policy making that takes into account important demographic parameters affecting education resource allocation and service provision. 

The three country case studies in India, Korea and Malaysia reflect a range of country situations in terms of demographic characteristics, socio-economic and education development status. 

Findings from the comparative research will be made available to training and research institutions in Asia and beyond, as well as Ministries of Education. They will be disseminated through the ANTRIEP network via the organization in a regional ANTRIEP Policy Seminar in May 2017, the network’s website, an IIEP publication and a training module by November 2017.