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L’éducation en situation d’urgence

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Education for conflict prevention and peacebuilding: Meeting the global challenges of the 21st century
par Phyllis Kotite
Cahier de l'IIPE
2012, 47 p.
e-publication uniquement

Education and fragility in Cambodia
2011, 56 p.
Rapport de recherche de l'IIPE
e-publication uniquement

On the road to resilience. Capacity development with the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan
edited by Morten Sigsgaard
2011, 206p.ISBN: 978-92-803-1355-0

Education and fragility in Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Clare Magill
IIEP/INEE/Université d'Ulster
Rapport de recherche de l'IIPE
2010, 60 p.
e-publication uniquement

Understanding education's role in fragility
Synthesis of four situational analyses of education and fragility: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Liberia
2011, 65p.

Guidebook for Planning Education in Emergencies and Reconstruction
Edition révisée
2010, ISBN: 978-92-803-1353-6
5 volumes et CD-ROM: Prix : €20
CD-ROM uniquement : Prix : €12
Un volume: Prix : €5
A venir en espagnol; disponible en chinois
(UNESCO Beijing)

Opportunities for change: education innovation and reform during and after conflict
edité par Susan Nicolai
2009, 262p. ISBN: 978-803-1328-4
Prix : €12
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Certification counts: recognizing the learning attainments of displaced and refugee students
edité par Jackie Kirk
2009, 241 p. ISBN: 978-92-803-1324-6
Prix : €12
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Donors’ Engagement: supporting education in fragile and conflict-affected states
par Laura Brannelly, Susy Ndaruhutse, Carole Rigaud
2009, 254p. ISBN: 978-92-803-1330-7
IIEP/CfBT Education Trust
Prix : €12
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Promoting participation. Community contributions to education in conflict situations
par Joan Sullivan-Owomoyela et Laura Branelly
2009, 159p. ISBN: 978-92-803-1327-7
IIEP/CfBT Education Trust
Prix : €12
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Rapid response cover image

Rapid response: programming for education needs in emergencies
par Jonathan Penson et Kathryn Tomlinson
2009, 181 p. ISBN: 978-92-803-1325-3
IIEP/CfBT Education Trust
Prix : €12
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Alternative education: filling the gap in emergency and post-conflict situations
par Pamela Baxter et Lynne Bethke
2009, 194 p. ISBN: 978-92-803-1332-1
IIEP/CfBT Education Trust
Prix : 12 €
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Education and fragility in Afghanistan. A situational analysis
par Morten Sigsgaard
Rapport de recherche de l'IIPE
2009, 37p.
e-publication uniquement

Building back better: post-earthquake responses and educational challenges in Pakistan
par Jackie Kirk
2008, 211p. ISBN: 978-92-803-1317-8
Prix : €15

Staying power: struggling to reconstruct education in Burundi since 1993
par Anna Obura
2008, 316p. ISBN: 978-92-803-1308-6
Prix : €15

Fragmented foundations. Education and chronic crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
par Susan Nicolai
2007, 155p. ISBN: 978-92-803-1301-7
Prix : €15

Guidebook for planning education in emergencies and reconstruction
2006, 640 p. ISBN 92-803-1288-X
Prix : €20
CD-ROM version disponible - Prix : €15

Islands of education: schooling, civil war and the Southern Sudanese (1983-2004)
par Marc Sommers
2005, 305p.
Prix : €12

Learning independence. Education in emergency and transition in Timor-Leste since 1999
par Susan Nicolai
2004, 186p.
Prix : €12

Co-ordinating education during emergencies and reconstruction: Challenges and responsibilities
by Marc Sommers
2004, 115p. ISBN: 92-803-1256-1
Prix : €12

Parallel worlds – Rebuilding the education system in Kosovo
par Marc Sommers et Peter Buckland
Case studies
2004, 177p.
Prix : €12

Never again. Educational reconstruction in Rwanda
par Anna Obura
2003, 239p.
Prix : €12

Surviving school. Education for refugee children from Rwanda 1994-1996
par Lyndsay Bird
2003, 140p.
Prix : €12

Planifier l'éducation en situation d'urgence et de reconstruction
par Margaret Sinclair
Principes de la planificaiton de l'éducation No. 73
2002, 140p. ISBN: 92-803-2225-7
Prix : €15