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The Minister of Education welcomes the IIEP Director

The IIEP Specialized Courses Programme - 2015 Session

Apply now! 13 April – 5 June 2015

"Quality Assurance in China... a priority of the policy agenda"

HIV Clearinghouse

Re-launched to include health education

A New Era for Afghan Education Planners

Decentralising the education system in Afghanistan is a priority for education planners, according to Mohammed Hamid Askarzada, Senior Monitoring and Reporting Specialist at the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan and a trainee...

Training tomorrow’s planners for better education systems

26 ATP trainees from all over the world received participation certificates at the closing ceremony in Paris.

Education planners from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kuwait, Liberia and South Sudan were among a class of trainees...


A new portal aimed at fighting corruption in education systems

Quality assurance in higher education

Now high on the agenda in West Africa, as IIEP works with partners to bolster efforts

Apply now to the ATP or ESP course

Courses begin on 22 September 2014

Twinning to Transform the Education System

through Capacity Development in Cambodia

ATP Participants Study Visit in France

A tour in the Académie of Nancy-Metz

Agreement signed between ESENESR and IIEP

A partnership to pool expertise networks

Decentralized education planning in Myanmar

A five-day training course piloted by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education

IIEP E-Forum

Governance reforms in Asia: How to make university autonomy work?

Quality assurance and accreditation in higher education

IIEP supports growing initiatives in West African countries

Crisis-sensitive planning: launch of the PEIC-IIEP Project

A policy, research, and advocacy programme

IIEP celebrated its 50th Anniversary

On 3rd December, experts shared their visions for the future of educational planning

Education and Social Policies: Synergies for Inclusion

IIEP Buenos Aires’s annual International Forum

World Aids Day 2013: Getting to zero

Starting with education

Sri Lanka working to improve its higher education sector

IIEP training officials to build national indicator system

IIEP Medium Term Strategy 2014-2017

Download the new strategy of the Institute for the next four years

IIEP in Action 2012-2013

Overview of activities over the past two years

Speech of the Chairman of IIEP's Governing Board at the UNESCO's General Conference

Raymond E. Wanner's address at the Education Commission on 09 Nov. 2013

Malaysia expresses interest in further collaboration with IIEP

Financial contribution may be raised, says Deputy Prime Minister

Youth sensitive planning: planning education with and for youth

IIEP attended the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum

IIEP hosted the 9th session of SACMEQ Assembly of Ministers

UNESCO Director-General addressed to Ministers of Education and representatives from 16 countries

Cambodia: IIEP brings its expertise to Higher Education sector

The higher education (HE) sector in Cambodia is currently confronted with major policy challenges. The sector is expanding rapidly and (with enrolment doubling in only five years) it needs more funds for development. The...

Education and social policies: Synergies for inclusion

Register for an upcoming IIEP-Buenos Aires seminar on this issue

Distance course on ‘Education Cost Analysis’ (in French)

(10 February to 4 April 2014)Apply now!

Funding Global Public Goods in the Education Sector: A Growing Challenge

Story by two members of IIEP’s Governing Board to read on Norrag blog

The Pôle de Dakar joins IIEP

The Institute extends its scope and its action in Africa

Education and Development Post-2015

IIEP contributed to the 12th UKFIET Education Conference

Newsletter: Tools and planning support systems

IIEP Newsletter just released

IIEP celebrates 50 years of service

Tell us about your memories

GPE to fund IIEP work on education financing

Two areas supported: policy research on school grants and methodology development for better quality financing data

UNESCO-IIEP trains Jordanian Government officials in educational planning, to address Syrian refugee crisis

IIEP has trained 35 government officials in methods to assess the budget implications, for the Jordanian education system, of a full enrolment of Syrian refugee children. The challenge is how to maintain the same quality of...

Governance reforms in higher education in Africa

IIEP research findings discussed at a Policy Forum in Kenya

Stories behind gender equality in student achievement

A new IIEP programme. A pilot country: Kenya

The challenges of providing quality education in conflict areas

Conflict-affected countries called for better strategies to ensure that conflict-prevention is integrated into education policies and programmes and that education is not overlooked by donors and humanitarians

Plan with youth Policy Forum: the Agenda for Action is complete!

Policy Forum proposals are being taken forward

Putting Lesotho “On-Track” to EFA

Building sustainable capacity in Education Policy Analysis and Implementation

Evaluation and subsidiarity in education

Lecture at IIEP of the former Director-General of school education in France

Lao PDR writes its teachers' code of conduct

The first code of its kind in the country is ready to be tested

High-Level Symposium on Conflict-Sensitive Education – Why and How?

8 April 2013 at UNESCO’s Headquarters in Paris

IIEP celebrates international Women’s day

Our goal: promoting gender equality in education worldwide

IIEP book on tertiary education in small states wins “best book” award

The volume won the 2013 Best Book Award from the Higher Education Special Interest Group

Cambodia: NIE and IIEP sign a twinning agreement

The country strengthens its capacities and expertise in educational planning

The new Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to UNESCO visits IIEP

Meets with IIEP Director and IIEP trainees

IIEP to step up its cooperation with the UAE

Permanent delegate to UNESCO visits IIEP

Decentralization: overcoming challenges, achieving success

Kenya organized a national policy seminar to discuss IIEP research findings

IIEP’s research on school grants in Eastern and Southern Africa

Two Kenyan researchers discuss their experience and the challenges they faced

The challenges of climate and attitude change

Former IIEP Director Professor Gudmund Hernes spoke at IIEP

Strengthening the regional cooperation in educational planning in Asia

ESP Programme participants gather for a one-week workshop in Hong Kong

From Schooling to Learning, 2012 IWGE Summary

IWGE Meeting 2012: A Summary of Discussions and Recommendations

Improving planning in the Caribbean

IIEP co-organizes a regional workshop from 14 to 18 January

Looking at strategies for teacher codes of conduct

Results of two-week online discussions

South Sudan equipped to face country’s educational challenges

Culmination of the Japan-funded state-level capacity development programme

Experiencing the Education Sector Planning training programme in Asia

Participants and coordinators give their feedback and share their views

Obituary – Michel Debeauvais

Former IIEP director (1977-1982)

The use and usefulness of school grants

IIEP’s research on decentralization extends to Asia

Quality assurance in higher education in Africa

IIEP recently participated in the development of two new initiatives

Shadow education … in translation

IIEP flagship publication on the topic has been translated into four new languages

The challenge of establishing World-Class Universities

An issue under debate worldwide and at IIEP

Governance Reform in Higher Education

What policies with what effects? An upcoming IIEP conference.

How to bring about lasting, system-wide improvement in schooling performance?

The International Academy of Education (IAE) and IIEP are launching a new publication

World Teachers' Day 2012

IIEP takes a stand for teachers!

IIEP builds sustainable capacity in educational policy and planning in Indonesia, Thailand, and Viet Nam

In collaboration with The University of Hong Kong, and sponsored by J.P. Morgan, UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) is launching a regional distance training programme on education sector planning....

Latin America: launch of the Information System on Early Childhood (SIPI)

The IIEP Office in Buenos Aires recently launched a new website in the framework of the SITEAL* initiative:  SIPI (Sistema de Información sobre la Primera Infancia) systematizes information on actions aiming at fulfilling...

An inspirational message from Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation and a co-founder of the International Institute for Peace, has sent an inspirational message to youth everywhere, encouraging them to participate in...

International Youth Day!
12 August 2012

Speak up on engaging youth in planning education!

Distance training on Micro-planning and school mapping (in French)

Apply now !

Capacity development: from concept to reality

Beyond sector planning: the case of the United Republic of Tanzania

Development of a teacher code of conduct in Lao PDR

IIEP brings its worldwide expertise on codes of conduct

External evaluation of CapEFA programme

UNESCO calls expressions of interest

Challenges to equity in American public education

A talk by Professor Linda Darling-Hammond

From schooling to learning

Experts meet to discuss this topic on 13–14 June 2012 in Washington DC.

Education Sector Planning in Asia

The new edition of the IIEP distance training programme is about to begin

Public expenditure tracking survey in Burkina Faso

Reducing leakages and improving information systems

A new UNESCO Chair in Comparative Education

IIEP’s former Director holds the Chair

Learning from Oman's education system

IIEP trainees visited the Sultanate from 20 to 29 April 2012

Promoting ethics in universities

Morocco initiates the design of an ethics charter

Libya: the will to change

The country needs in-depth renewal of educational policies

Tunisia: consulting on the way forward

IIEP attended the country’s first national conference on educational reform

Ubiquitous learning: mobile devices and digital content

The impact on educational policies: examples from Latin America

IIEP and partners renew commitments for a changing world

Meeting at the Institute’s Headquarters in Paris, IIEP and its partners reviewed successes, analysed lessons learned, and explored future orientations

Raise your voice for gender equality in education

IIEP e-Forum - 26 March to 6 April 2012

Japan funds IIEP’s project in South Sudan

More than US$1 million granted for capacity development in education

Virtual campus: new training offer 2012–2013

Training on educational planning and management from home

Learning from the Dutch contribution to basic education

A decade of successes, but challenges remain still high

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2012

Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty

Financial management and budgeting for education

Register now for this IIEP Distance course (In French)

Innovative financing for education in Africa

IIEP, Microsoft, and Orange will launch a joint initiative

Strengthening local actors. IIEP Newsletter

Download the latest issue of the IIEP Newsletter

Meeting education policy challenges in a changing Arab region

Fostering cross-national cooperation in training and education system assessments

Defining and measuring the quality of education

Is there an emerging consensus?

Teacher codes of conduct

What results after two weeks of intensive discussions?

China and IIEP – sharing visions on educational research

Representatives of the China National Institute for Educational Research visit IIEP Buenos Aires

World AIDS Day 2011: Getting to Zero

Recent IIEP achievements to respond to HIV and AIDS

Education policy challenges in a changing Arab Region

Looking at strategies to build capacity

Renewed partnership for capacity development in Angola

New technical cooperation agreement signed between IIEP and the Republic of Angola

Crisis-sensitive planning

Burkina Faso puts IIEP’s Guidance Notes to work

Meeting the expectations of youth

IIEP Newsletter N°2, May-August 2011

UNESCO General Conference: speech of the Chairman of IIEP's Governing Board

Raymond E. Wanner's address at the Education Commission on 02 Nov. 2011

Afghanistan: training the new generation of planners

Visit of Afghan Minister of Education to IIEP

Governance reforms in higher education

Launch of a new project in Francophone Africa

Ethics and corruption in education

Burkina Faso implements its first PETS

The schooling of adolescents in Latin America

Cultural, pedagogical and educational policy challenges

IIEP strengthens partnerships and visibility worldwide

UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development

Policy Forum on Gender Equality

Looking beyond parity

World Teacher’s Day 2011

IIEP’s commitments for teachers

Household Expenditure for Education and Fee-Free Policies

Sub-Regional Seminar, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 28-30 September 2011

Wangari Maathai: a model for women’s leadership

The first African woman recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize passed away on 25th September

Transferring skills to Jordanian trainers

IIEP welcomed in September five officials from Jordan, in collaboration with the National Centre for Human Resources Development (NCHRD), to its Paris Headquarters on the occasion of a two-week training session. This training...

Improving teacher training policies in Mali

Implementation of a capacity development plan

New Clearinghouse on decentralization in education

IIEP provides comprehensive empirical data on the topic

The challenges of tertiary education in small states

IIEP releases three policy briefs

Angola: provincial planning mandate a success

Completion of the first step in the area of planning

Why education will foster stability in an independent South Sudan

The new country in the making is promoting education to build its future

Ethiopia: education makes news!

A plan calling for the mobilization of all

Monitoring the Quality of Education

IIEP’s work rewarded

Governance Reform in Higher Education

IIEP presented results of its 2010 research study

Teacher codes of conduct in Asia and the Pacific

A need to strengthen monitoring systems

ICT in Education

UNESCO launches a dedicated website

Study visit to the Republic of Korea

ATP participants share their views on the education system

Strengthening of Education Systems

IIEP presented results of a study at GIZ Symposium in Maputo

Developing tertiary education in Mauritius

Making the country a “knowledge hub”

Regulating Education Systems: Can we do without the state?

IIEP held a strategic debate on 5 May 2011

Education investment increase in sub-Saharan Africa pays dividends

There are more children in school than ever, says UNESCO report.

Recognition for data visualization for development

StatPlanet, initiated at IIEP, won first prize in a World Bank competition

Learning from the Korean education system

IIEP trainees visit the Republic of Korea from 16 April to 1st May 2011

Two ATP participants share their expectations of the Study visit

Agnes Arach, from Uganda, and Jalaludin Atayee, from Afghanistan

The complex equation of education financing

Latest issue of IIEP Newsletter (January-April 2011)

Setting new goals to improve education in fragile contexts

INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility holds a final meeting… before reconstituting

The use and usefulness of school grants

IIEP and UNICEF launch a new research in Eastern and Southern Africa

IIEP shares its expertise on External Quality Assurance

Designing tailored training at local levels

History is making a new republic in Southern Sudan. Education will build its future.

UNICEF and IIEP/UNESCO take Education Sector Planning process forward

Obituary: Mr. Raymond Poignant

IIEP Director from 1969 to 1974

2011 Global Monitoring Report - The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education

Focus on the damaging consequences of conflict on Education

IIEP involvement in Education in Emergencies and Reconstruction

Advocate for the need for quality education provision in crisis situations

Raymond E. Wanner talks with US mission to UNESCO

Chairman of the IIEP Governing Board shares his vision for the Institute

IIEP receives high level visit from Lao PRD in Paris

Exchanging on higher education reform

Intermediary services in development contexts

IIEP will play a key role in the coming year

Sharing knowledge on quality of education in Africa

IIEP hosted the 2nd International Exchange Meeting between SACMEQ and PASEC (24-25 January 2011)

Interview with Jacques Boureima Ki

Secretary-General of CONFEMEN and former IIEP trainee

Interview with Demus Makuwa

Acting Director of the SACMEQ Coordinating Centre

Monitoring Education Quality in the Arab States

Learning from the success of SACMEQ initiative

Southern Sudan: towards a five-year strategic sector plan

A participatory process for the preparation of a five-year strategic sector plan was launched early last November by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS). A team...

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