2010 Report on Social and Educational Trends in Latin America

“Educational Goals for 2021: Opportunities and Challenges”

The fifth edition of the SITEAL report, produced by IIEP and the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), provides a global overview of the education situation in Latin America which identifies and pin-points the challenges that must be taken into account in order to attain the "2021 Education Goals", coordinated by OEI. Various experts from the region have enhanced the report by sharing their views and experiences.

Content of the report

In addition to the global overview, the report places particular emphasis on quality teaching practices such as the use of textbooks, the availability of computers or the academic profile of teachers and systematizes the existing information on the educational goals of children and adolescents. The report also concentrates on the steps to be taken to respond more effectively to current challenges and draws general conclusions, identifying priority areas to be included in the educational agendas for the next 11 years.

About Siteal

The Information System on Educational Trends in Latin America (SITEAL) is a joint programme developed by IIEP and OEI. It seeks to promote greater understanding on educational systems and the relationship between education and standards of living in Latin American countries, through the systematization, processing, analysis and dissemination of the quantitative information produced by several public institutions in the region, as well as the knowledge derived from such information.