End of IIEP Summer School

The IIEP Summer School 2010 was presented from 28 June to 9 July 2010 in Paris.

Twelve participants from 11 countries, including university professors, education specialists in funding agencies, and Ministry officials, were trained by experts from IIEP’s team and other international organisms – in planning, monitoring, and the evaluation of the educational quality and equity using the quantitative approaches. The objective:  to measure and compare the educational outcomes and search for relationships between conditions of schools and educational outcomes.

More specifically, the following topics were included:

  • Technical design of studies that offer clear guidance for policy concerning the quality of education;
  • Development of data collection instruments that provide valid measures of the conditions of schooling and educational outcomes;
  • Use of scientific sampling procedures for making measurable sample estimates of important population characteristics;
  • Management, analysis, and reporting of data for policy purposes.

Director-General of UNESCO visits Summer School

On 7 July 2010, the Director-General of UNESCO, Ms. Irina Bokova, visited the classroom of Summer School. Following her greeting with participants, Mioko Saito, Coordinator of IIEP’s Summer School, informed her that the participants have been using the SACMEQ (Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality) data as an evidence for policy suggestions regarding quality of education including gender disparity, school inputs, and health issues.  The Director-General took a particular interest in the fact that IIEP was providing capacity development not only to the officials of Ministries of Education, but also staff of UNESCO as well as funding agencies.

Participants left with new skills

While they were waiting for their certification, given by Khalil Mahshi, acting Director of IIEP, participants expressed their opinion concerning the ten days spent in IIEP Summer School.

First, they all underlined the usefulness of the knowledge acquired and the quality of the lecturers. All participants found in this training something relevant for their profession. For many of them, it will open up new perspectives in their job. Many will recommend this training to colleagues; others hope to come back at IIEP for another training course to deepen their knowledge.

Some testimonials:

“The course was very useful in giving deep understanding about the massive data set from SACMEQ. This also triggered other important questions to ask. I would like to follow up on the matter with the new sets of data next year. I appreciate all the teaching staff.”

“Thanks to all the technical aspects, I really gained insights into statistical importance instead of leaving the work only to statisticians. I will definitely get more involved in the management of such research projects.”

“The course gave an international perspective with various experiences from participants and teaching staff. The course contents had direct relevance on my work as a Curriculum Developer.”

“The course was good because it gave importance to different stages of policy research, politically and technically. Our Ministry would like to launch an assessment of student learning, and the course has provided many good ingredients for us to start planning.”