Provincial planning in Angola: second phase launched

Five new provinces are taking part of this new phase

Three Angolan provinces (Benguela, Huambo and Huila) have already completed their provincial education plans. While these provincial plans now need to be validated by the provincial authorities (28 July 2010 for Benguela), the second phase of the project was launched at the 12-23 July Education Sector Diagnosis workshop in the province of Bié.

Five other provinces are involved in this new phase: Bié, Cunene, Lunda Sul, Namibe and Malanje.  While following a similar approach (a sequence of workshops and technical work),  these provinces will benefit directly from the work carried by their colleagues of Benguela, Huambo and Huila during the first phase, some of whom are actually involved in the training as resource persons.

With the support of IIEP, by the end of this second phase – envisaged by March 2010 – eight provinces in total should be able to guide the development of the education sector locally.


In 2009, IIEP embarked on a collaboration with the Angolan Ministry of Education (MED) to develop provincial educational development plans for eight provinces within the framework of the Project in Support of Primary Education (PAEP) financed by the European Union.  In parallel to this provincial planning program, the IIEP-Buenos Aires office supports MED with the revision of its nation inspection policy and develops the capacity of inspectors and supervisors.

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