Former IIEP graduate appointed Minister of Education in Haiti

Some recent promotions of IIEP Alumni

IIEP is delighted to learn that Vanneur Pierre, graduate of the 2009/10 IIEP Advanced Training Programme (ATP), has been appointed Minister of National Education and Vocational Training in the Republic of Haiti. He has chosen for his Director General of the Ministry, Mr Levelt Charles, another former ATP trainee. Mr Pierre wrote to us in response to IIEP’s letter of congratulations to the new Minister and his team: ‘Thank you for your encouragement. The task is not easy, but as I’m part of IIEP’s family, which gave me a sense of results and performance, and with the support of everyone including IIEP, I shall succeed’.

We have also been pleased to hear from other IIEP former trainees, who have shared with us news of recent advances in their careers.

Sidonia Hodge Lacorbinière, from St. Maarten, who graduated from the ATP last June, has been promoted to Acting Head of the Department of Education at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs. ‘This new task brings with it additional opportunities to use the skills and knowledge learned at IIEP to solve the challenges that my island faces in the field of education’, she wrote.

Yaw Afari Ankomah, from Ghana, graduate of the ATP in 2005 and team coordinator of the IIEP’s Education Sector Planning Distance Training Programme in 2009/10 in his country, has been promoted to Associate Professor at the University of Cape Coast, where he has also been appointed Vice-Dean for the Faculty of Education and Director of the Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA). ‘My sincere thanks to you all at IIEP for the part you have played and continue to play in my training and career to this level’, he wrote. ‘My appointment to the position of Director of IEPA, I believe, opens a door for a much deeper collaboration between IIEP and IEPA. My desire is to have IEPA as an IIEP off-campus to serve Ghana and, perhaps, the sub-region’.

IIEP is proud of its former trainees. The news of their recent successes demonstrates the valuable and recognized assets gained by participants of IIEP’s training programmes.