Latin America: launch of the Information System on Early Childhood (SIPI)

The IIEP Office in Buenos Aires recently launched a new website in the framework of the SITEAL* initiative:  SIPI (Sistema de Información sobre la Primera Infancia) systematizes information on actions aiming at fulfilling the rights of early childhood in Latin America and evaluates the degree of fulfillment. This system provides updated information on the regulations and policies in 19 countries of the region and offers statistical indicators. All information can be accessed by country or by group of rights.

The approach is one that conceives of young children as subjects having rights: within the system, childhood is not considered as a stage of transition to adulthood, but as a moment of life with value in itself. Public actions focusing on early childhood are understood as an obligation of states. This approach offers a rich framework from which to address early childhood needs as well as to pinpoint what the state should guarantee to children from the beginning of their lives.

* The Information System on Educational Trends in Latin America (SITEAL) is a joint programme developed by IIEP and OEI. It seeks to promote greater understanding on educational systems and the relationship between education and standards of living in Latin American countries, through the systematization, processing, analysis, and dissemination of the quantitative information produced by several public institutions in the region, as well as the knowledge derived from such information.