Shadow education … in translation

IIEP flagship publication on the topic has been translated into four new languages

Already available in 14 languages, the IIEP publication Confronting the Shadow Education System: What government policies for what private tutoring? has now been translated into Arabic, Armenian, Nepal and Polish. Written by former IIEP Director Mark Bray* (2006-2010), it was first published in English in 2009.

The ground-breaking study examines the so-called “shadow education system” of private supplementary tutoring. In parts of East Asia in particular, this phenomenon has long existed on a large scale. It is now becoming increasingly common in other parts of Asia as well as in Africa, Europe and North America. Pupils commonly receive fee-free education in public schools, and then – at the end of the day and/or during weekends and vacations – receive supplementary tutoring in the same subjects on a fee-paying basis.

Shedding light on private supplementary tutoring in the Arab region

Under the direction of Ms Faeqa Saeed Alsaleh (2001 graduate of the IIEP advanced training programme), the League of Arab States has translated the book into Arabic and convened a seminar on private supplementary tutoring, in Cairo on 12 November 2012. Opening the event, Ms Faeqa stressed the importance of the topic, which had been inadequately recognized in the region. “We have translated this book to call attention to the matter and to encourage policy makers to address the phenomenon”, she said. These sentiments were echoed by Ms Ghada Gholam, Head of the UNESCO Office in Cairo (representing IIEP at the event). “We are delighted to partner with the LAS, and sincerely appreciate their initiative to highlight the equity, economic and educational implications of private tutoring”, she remarked.

The main part of the seminar commenced with a presentation by Mark Bray. Then Mr Naguib Aiad from the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) in Tunisia highlighted the implications of shadow education for the Education for All (EFA) agenda; and Mr Salah Elkarashy from Egypt’s Alexandria University on the nature of private tutoring around the region.

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>> Click here to download the Arabic version of the book

Official launch of the book in Nepal

Mr Bray presented the book on 27 September 2012, when the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu joined with the UNESCO National Commission for Nepal to launch the Nepali translation of the book. “We are delighted to have this book in Nepali”, said Suresh Man Shreshta, Secretary of the Ministry of Education in Nepal, at the launch ceremony. “It will help to sensitize stakeholders to this very important theme, especially on the matters of equity and household costs of education.” The event was also attended by three alumni from IIEP’s Advanced Training Programme, Shree Ram Lamichhane (1985/86), Prahlad Aryal (2007/08) and Govin da Sharma (2008/09) (in the photo with Mark Bray).

Tap Raj Pant, of the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu, undertook the main work of translation under the direction of Axel Plathe, Director of the Office. IIEP much appreciates their role in helping this book to reach a new audience.

>> Click here to read the Nepali version of the book

Another event related to private tutoring in Armenia

On 19 October, the French University in Armenia and the National Institute for Education in the country organized a round table with directors of Erevan high schools and many other actors of the Armenian education system, to discuss issues related to private tutoring. The event was a wonderful opportunity for the key actors of the education system to discuss this phenomenon and the policies Armenia could put in place. Mark Bray and Arayik Navoyan were welcomed by the Rector of the University, Mr Jean-Jacques Montois, and by the Director of the National Institute for Education, Mr Norayr Ghukasyan, and presented the book during the event.

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>> Click here to read the Armenian version of the book


* Mark Bray is currently the UNESCO Chair Professor in Comparative Education at the University of Hong Kong