IIEP celebrates international Women’s day

Our goal: promoting gender equality in education worldwide

Each year, on 8 March, the world celebrates women. And each year, IIEP takes this opportunity to recall the importance of gender equality in education.  This year’s theme, “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women”, fits well with our mandate to empower women and promote gender equality in education. Education is a means to fight all types of violence. As Irina Bokova says, in her message for this day, “to empower women and ensure equality, we must challenge every form of violence every time it occurs”. (Read the full message of UNESCO Director-General.)

Gender-responsive policy and gender-transformative planning

In the framework of the Post-2015 agenda discussions and the design of its new Medium-Term Strategy (2014-2021), IIEP will lay a particular emphasis on gender equality  and its programming will further incorporate gender-mainstreaming activities into the education sector, by integrating gender-responsive policies into gender-transformative planning.

Gender equality in learning achievement

IIEP, in collaboration with UNICEF,  recently launched a new programme on “Stories behind gender equality in student achievement” to identify the reasons for the persistence of the gender gap in learning achievement over the past 15 years in some African countries, despite concerted efforts of governments and the international community.

Gender equality in leadership and management

Another research programme led by IIEP investigates the enablers and obstacles to gender equality in educational leadership. Based on research conducted in Argentina and Kenya in 2011, it examines two aspects: the internal and external perceptions of women and men in leadership positions, and the effect of organizational structures and cultures on gender equality. The findings will be presented in a forthcoming IIEP publication, A Matter of Right and Reason: Gender Equality In Educational Planning and Management, to be published in the second half of 2013.  As a result of this research, a number of strategies have been proposed to improve gender equality in leadership within Ministries of Education. IIEP continues to engage with the Ministry of Education and National Gender Equality Commission in Kenya to look at mechanisms for taking these strategies forward.


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