IIEP celebrates 50 years of service

Tell us about your memories

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Institute. Five decades of service to Member States in support of the development of education. A half-century during which we have been working around the globe. In which we have learned, reinforced our expertise, shared our know-how … and become what we are today: an Institute internationally recognized for its unique knowledge, experience, and expertise.   

IIEP could never celebrate this anniversary without its colleagues (past and present), without the hundreds of participants of our training programmes, the very many ministry officials who have interacted with the Institute, the valued partners working closely with us and those that have crucially supported our work over the past 50 years. We could not celebrate without them and without you, who represent the greatest asset of IIEP, and with whom we look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

We have created a website dedicated to the 50th anniversary, which we invite you to visit. Here, you may recognize a friend, a face or an event that has been important to both you and the Institute.

This website is also an opportunity for you to share with us your stories and experiences with IIEP. Whether in Paris or in the field, do you have memories of the people you’ve met? A trainer who has impressed you? A mission or project with IIEP?

Go to: www.iiep.unesco.org/50/ … And remember these words of Philip Coombs, the first Director of IIEP: "Educational planning deals with the future, drawing enlightenment from the past."